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Our Recruitment Process

Our recruiters are seasoned professionals who serve as consultants throughout the hiring process.  We recognize that every executive and search committee with whom we work has many pressing priorities other than interviewing. As a partner in the recruiting process, it is our responsibility to seek out the best and brightest candidates and make hiring them as efficient as possible.

Our role in the hiring process includes the following:

Needs Analysis

It is important that we fully understand not only the day-to-day responsibilities of the person you will hire, but also the nuances of your requirements. With that understanding, we set about the task of identifying the two to four qualified candidates you should interview in order to make a hiring decision. 

Written Confirmation

To ensure an excellent candidate fit, it is important that we understand the organization’s needs, expectations and culture. With the input of senior leadership and key stakeholders, we will help create a position specification document which will be used for this purpose. This assures that we will be of one mind as the search process moves forward.

Targeting the Right Candidates

In addition to using our extensive industry database, national networks and relationships, we target certain candidates and professional associations/organizations in our search for the best talent and fit for the position. In this process, we seek input from our client’s leadership and other healthcare colleagues.

Contacting a Broad List of Potential Candidates

This phase includes presenting the opportunity in terms that will attract interest without overselling or exaggerating your situation in any way. Candidates should enter the interview process optimistically, but with realistic expectations. Managing expectations is a critical aspect of our role.

Screen and Interview the Long List

This phase is where exclusion and inclusion meet. We screen out candidates who do not meet your criteria and uncover any concerns of the few who make the short list. We take the time to develop strong relationships with candidates to ensure that questions and concerns they have come to light as early as possible. This gives you the opportunity to address them during the interview process if you so desire.

Present the Short List

There are no perfect candidates. Presenting a candidate means making the client aware of how the candidate meets the requirements and also pointing out possible areas of concern. It also encompasses assisting in scheduling all interviews and travel logistics. In addition, in-depth candidate referencing is coordinated for the final short list of candidates.

Consultation and Evaluation

While consultation runs through the entire process, no where is it more critical than here. We will candidly discuss candidate strengths and weaknesses as part of our effort to assist you in making an outstanding hiring decision. There are always factors, other than money, that determine a candidate’s preparedness to accept a new position. Working closely with leadership, we continue to uncover and address issues that concern the candidate. The objective is to bring the candidate to the point where he/she is ready to accept a reasonable offer.

Reference, Educational and Background Checking

Our staff does reference checking quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. The process will include any specific questions you would like us to ask. Information gathered is passed on to our client just as we hear it. If requested by our client, we also utilize a third party to conduct employment, educational verification, criminal background and credit checks for those candidates being presented with an offer of employment.

Testing an Offer

While it is always the client’s decision who to hire, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to be sure the selected candidate actually gets hired. Having Steve Weiner Search Group test an offer on the candidate before it is officially extended is a proven value. It raises the likelihood that the final, official offer (which should be extended by human resources or client hiring executive) will be accepted.


While some executives or search committees (and even some candidates) prefer to do their own negotiating, our recommendation is to allow us to act as intermediaries in this phase. Having to negotiate with a prospective employee or employer is an emotionally charged task and working through a third party often eases the strain on both parties. In addition, working through a facilitator also allows each party to reflect before responding, without having to react immediately. Our skilled executive search consultants will be able to help both executive and candidate surmount this difficult step.

Final Details

The hiring process often requires handling unusual details that may not seem terribly important to an outsider, but may be critical to the candidate. Whatever the circumstances, we will work with the candidate, human resources and our client’s leadership to address any such details early and find an optimal solution. We will also assure that the successful candidate transitions appropriately into his/her new role.